Super Bowl 43
Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals
February 1, 2009

At Walter Reed Army
Medical Hospital!
As soon as we realized that
our Pittsburgh Steelers
were going to the Super
Bowl, my first thought was
that I would most certainly
be back in the 'burgh for
that game!!!
I never could have imagined
being anywhere else to
watch my Steelers play in
the Super Bowl!!! Well, was I
wrong!! I spent the Super
Bowl at the best place ever!
I spent the Super Bowl at Walter Reed and they even put me to work!!
I loved every minute of it!!
I even got to pass out special Valentine's made by all of the kids at Divine
Redeemer Catholic School in Ford City, PA and it was my honor!
Me, our new friend Dan Maguire who is from Butler, PA and my Aunt Kim!!
Dan holding the HUGE Valentine made by the kids at Divine Redeemer!!
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