SSGT Keith Matthew Maupin
Lighting the way home
because love never loses
its way home!

Captured in Iraq
April 9, 2004
Killed in Captivity
Known only to God
Remains ID'd March 2008
Forever in our Hearts
On April 26, 2008 I had the honor of attending the homecoming of SSGT
Keith Matthew Maupin. For almost four years, he was one of my very
special adopted POW/MIA's and he will remain forever in my heart! I never
had the opportunity to meet Matt Maupin, but I proudly share his birthday
with him! Mr. Keith Maupin and Mrs. Caroline Maupin have proven to us
that love never loses its way home. They will always be an inspiration to
me. I don't feel that these pictures need a caption or a description. These
images are my tribute to Matt Maupin, he was never forgotten!
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