MAY 29, 2005
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Rolling Thunder XVIII
If you weren't there with
us this year, I hope you
will think about joining us
for Rolling Thunder XIX,
May 28, 2006 because
this is what Rolling
Thunder is all about!!!
God Bless those who
were left behind.....we
will continue this mission
until they are returned to
the United States of
America, where they
We will not forget!!!!!!
Let the Thunder begin......view of the Pentagon parking lot!!
This is me and my security detail, Tomato and Mother Guz, and they are the
best!! They make sure that I am where I am suppose to be at all times and
they are by my side at all times too!!!
A quick break after quite a few hours at the Pentagon!!
A few of our great Marines who just got back from serving overseas!!! God
Bless the United States Marine Corps!!! OOH-RAH!!!
This is Mr. Keith Maupin and Mrs. Carolyn Maupin......meeting them was an
honor for me!! They are the parents of Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin who has
been a POW/MIA in Iraq since April 9, 2004!! We WILL bring him home!!
Here is me and one of our wonderful Gold Star Moms and some members of
Rolling Thunder Virginia!! We love our Gold Star Moms!!!
Click the link below to visit the center ran by the Maupin's!!
Click the link below for more information on Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin