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MAY 27, 2001
This was the second year I had the opportunity to participate in Rolling Thunder
in Washington D.C. on Memorial Day weekend.  If you've never been to attend
the events at Rolling Thunder, by all means GO!  I wish there was a way I could
adequately describe the event, the people, the run, the rally, the brotherhood...
but I could never put into words the real impact of Rolling Thunder.  Being a part of
Rolling Thunder has become so important to me that I wear my Rolling Thunder
jacket to nearly every ceremony and event I attend, including on national TV.
Rolling Thunder never leaves you, it becomes a part of you.
If you care about our Veterans, our POW/MIA's and our freedom, then make it a point
to attend Rolling Thunder. You don't need a bike, you don't need to be a Veteran to attend.

To Sgt. Muller and John Mendes, thanks so much for everything you've done for me.
You'll always be special friends and I'll never forget everything you have taught me.
My Gram and Mom in front of
the White House.
This is me, my twin brother Nathan
and his friend Ben, the day we
arrived in Washington D.C.
And here we are at the American History Museum.  That's me practicing to be President
and Nathan and Ben practicing to be my Cabinet!
After seeing all of the sights, we went to the Iwo Jima Memorial to wait for
everyone from
"Run For The Wall" to pull in.
These are all the women from RFTS who "Made It All The Way!"
The photo at right is of my friend, Marla Brundies from Iowa. We'd talked a few times
on the phone but this was the first time we'd met in person. Marla presented me
with a "Run For The Wall" vest.

The people with RFTW have a great
Message Board too. Make sure you
check it out! There's great info on the board
and Little Mac makes daily posts of
the MIA's for that day.
After we left the Iwo Jima Memorial, we went to the Lincoln Memorial for a group photo.
I rode with Marla and it was pouring rain! That's me with Marla front and center.
Then a few of us went to The Wall because we had something very special to do.
My friend, Big Daddy, couldn't make it to the rally but he asked me to do a favor for him.
Big Daddy found a Silver Star at a flea market. He couldn't leave it there so he bought it.
He unsuccessfully searched for its rightful owner...having no luck, he asked me
to leave it at The Wall for him. I told him "Of course I will" and I asked a few of
members of RFTW to go with me. My mom was talking to Little Mac one day and he
told her about a few special people on The Wall so my mom told him we'd leave
the Silver Star at their panel. Little Mac sent a beautiful letter to leave with the
Silver Star, so we put it all in a frame, that it could be left with honor.
When we got to The Wall, Marla
asked my mom to see the letter and she began reading it aloud.
A whole group of people gathered
to see what was going on. Something extraordinary happened as Marla was reading that letter... it had been pouring
rain, was cloudy and gray, but when Marla read Little Mac's letter the sun broke through the clouds and was shining so brightly it glared on my mom's camera lens.
At that moment I knew the Silver
Star was where it belonged and there were a few soldiers who were very proud of us that day.
Marla and I left the Silver Star
and letter at panel 05E.
I was so proud to be able to
do this. Thanks Big Daddy for
entrusting me with something
so precious. And thank you
Little Mac for the beautiful
letter. The Silver Star is
where it belongs.
Mission accomplished!
Friday night we went to the Candlelight Vigil at The Wall and it was breathtaking.
Thousands and thousands of people came to honor the 58,226 men and women
who are listed on the Vietnam Memorial. They are all heroes and their sacrifices
will never be forgotten.  Saturday it rained all day so we went to the Harley Davidson
in Ft. Washington, Maryland and then went back to the National Mall
because there was someone I had to visit...
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After we left The Wall, we ran into Stump, who came all the way from Nevada!
He even flew the POW/MIA flag all the way to D.C.  Way to go, Stump!
This is Marla, me, one of Stump's friends, Stump and Hawgrider from Arizona.