February 28, 2001
On February 28, 2001 my mom told me there was going to be a special assembly
at my school because VFW Post 5758 was going to present the school with new flags.
When I arrived at the assembly I was surprised to see that not only was the
VFW Post there, but Brigadier General John Patten and Mr. Kridlo were there as well!

Then Brigadier General Patten called me up and I REALLY got a surprise!
By order of Governor Ridge, I was being awarded the PA Medal of Commendation,
the second highest honor that can be bestowed on an individual in the state of PA!
BG Patten had come all the way from Ft. Indiantown Gap to present it to me!
Brigadier General Patten read the
commendation I was receiving to the
whole school!
My Principal, Sr. Lynn and Mr. Kridlo
were there with me too!
Brigadier General Patten
presents me with the
PA Medal of Commendation
Mr. Kridlo was proud of me too, and I
was so grateful to Lynn from the
South Western Veterans Center for
bringing Mr. Kridlo so he could share
this special moment with me.
Because of him, every veteran has
become special to me!
If you look closely at my sweater, you
can see my new medal.

A close-up of my medal appears at
the top of this page.
You can read the actual commendation and also a great story about my
commendation that appeared in my local newspaper
on the
next page
This is one of the highest honors I've ever
received! I was so thrilled and so proud!

My other highest honors are becoming an
Honorary Veteran on the Internet and an
Honorary Junior Member of Rolling Thunder
All of these honors will always be so special to
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