These are some sites that are special to me
or ones that might help with information.
These are sites that are special to me
or that you might find helpful...
Make sure you visit Doc's site!  He makes beautiful graphics and
was one of the first people to help me with my web site.
Adopt your own POW/MIA and please help bring them home!
Visit to find out how!
Click on the patch to visit the site of the National
Chapter of Rolling Thunder to find out how you
can help our POW/MIA's and Veterans.
Click on the link above to check out all of the State chapters of Rolling Thunder.
Click on the banner above to visit Scott Speicher's family and friends
to see what you can do to help bring him home!
Also visit my Scott Speicher pages to sign the online petition, if you haven't already!
This site has many articles about Scott Speicher and there are a
few articles about me on there too!
This is the official site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
You can check all of the events taking place in Washington D. C. at The Wall.
Here you can look up the names and panel numbers that are on The Wall.
This is a great site for information on The Wall. You can look up a name,
leave a remembrance and even participate in chats.
This is another great place for information on The Wall.
You can get The Wall on CD and place a memorial too.
Make sure you visit the Moving Wall site too!
If you've never been to The Wall in Washington D.C. then go to View The Wall.
It's a great site!
You must visit It's Just A Nam Thing. Mr. Dane Brown tells it like it is
and is one proud Marine!  Semper Fi, Mr. Brown!
Visit all my friends at Beirut Veterans of America!
You have to visit Sgt. Grit's and make sure
you check out the message board.
Make sure you visit my friend, Bud's site! Bud is the first Internet veteran I got
to meet in person and he's from the great state of Pennsylvania like me.
weezie's foxhole
You have to visit Weezie too! Weezie is the first woman Veteran I met.
She came to my school for Veterans Day and became our "Our Weezie".
This is a wonderful organization and I'm an honorary member!
Visit VietNow's web site and tell them Nikki sent you.
armed turkey
You have to visit my friend, the Armed Turkey! He has a wonderful site and there is
even a poem about me and pictures on his site too.
You must visit Viper's Vietnam Veterans page too!
It's another of the best sites I like to visit.
Check out my friend, Sasha's site! She's a writer, actress and just does everything.
She even rides a great bike!
Vietnam Veterans Day Petition
Please sign this petition to give our Vietnam Veterans the Welcome Home they deserve!
WWII Memorial
Please visit the official site of the National WWII Memorial to
honor "The Greatest Generation",
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