These pages are going to be a constant work in progress.  They will show
me, Just Nikki, without the hat and jacket (well, most of the time) so that you
can see I'm really just a normal person!!!
I am now a junior in college, majoring in Government and International
As you can see this page is way out of date and will be updated soon!!!
Keep checking back!
Springdale Junior/Senior Prom-May 28, 2004
Poison/Bret Michaels-One of my favorite bands!!!
Here is the latest picture of me and Bret Michaels, taken in Pittsburgh on July
2, 2005.  The link above is to the page I did the first time I met Bret, I'm
working on new pages from every other year and hope to have them up soon!!
Springdale Dynamos-2003 WPIAL Champs
(Heinz Field, gotta love it!!!)
Click the logo
to be Thunder Struck by the Dynamos!!
And I just had to put this
up here, for all of you 80's
rockers just like me!!! This
is me and Nikki Sixx of
Motley Crue (another one
of my favorite bands).
Believe it or not, I got to
meet him because his
body guard was a Vietnam
Veteran and this is who I
was named after.....if you
notice, his name is
spelled just like mine!!!
Christmas Formal-Springdale High School-December 2003
(This page was done by my mom!!)
Ok, there is lots more to come on this page and I'll keep adding as soon as I
get the new pages finished!!!
NEW-My Senior Pictures-NEW
(There are 10 pages total!!!)