This page is going to be Just Nikki pictures!! Things I do at home, being in the greatest city in the
world, Pittsburgh, going to concerts or the Pirate games and things that are just me!! Keep checking
back, you never know when I will have new pics up here!!
My brothers and sister......yeah, we're that cool!!!
Me in California!!!
Check out Barney in the background!!! LOL
Rockin' at the Rainbow!!!
Rockin' with my roommates!!! I love these guys!!!
We will be the living legacy of
Transfiguration School!!
Me and Natalie at her Confirmation
May 2008
Me, Nathan and Natalie working one
of our last fish fries at Transfiguration!
Me, our cousin Chelsea and Natalie cheering on
the Penguins run for the Stanley Cup!!
Tailgating in the parking lot
Rockin' the Ed Hardy jeans at the Penguins game!!
See, this is just how we do things in Pittsburgh!!! We love our sports teams so much, that when the Penguins
made a run for the Stanley Cup last year, the Penguins put up a 50 foot TV in the lots of Mellon Arena so that
all of us die-hard fans could party together in the lots and watch the game!!! It was way too much fun!!
Lets Go Bucs!!!!
Me at PNC Park watching our beloved Pirates!!!
Chelsea, me and Natalie at the Pirate game!!
My beautiful city!!!
All of us and the Jolly Roger!!
You just have to know us Pirate fans!!
I think he was trying to take me home!!! LOL
The greatest Jesus Christ is our Superstar teacher ever!!!
Our 20th Birthday party!!!
Us on vacation in Deep Creek!!
From my Captain Morgan!! ;-)
Some of us Mendicino grandkids!!
Me and Jonathan Cook!!!
FTSK rocks!!
Me and Natalie with Cisco and Shwayze!!
Me and Natalie "trunk"gating at Toby!!
All of us having way too much fun at Toby!!
My two favorite rockers.......Heath and Bob!!
Me and Kim and Kelsey in my beautiful city!!!
It was firework night at the Pirate game!!
My brothers and sister are just the greatest!!!
The greatest view in the world of
the greatest city in the world!!
Us with the Jolly Roger again!! I think he likes us!!
Us at Kennywood!!!
Me and Natalie going to see Wicked!
Pittsburgh's Theater District rocks too!!