Thank you for expressing an interest in
inviting me to your event.  I am always
honored to attend as many events that I
can.  These include, but are not limited to
events relating to Veterans, POW/MIA's,
Support Our Troops Rallies, Vigils, Military,
Dinners, Conventions, Political
Proceedings and of course anything that
pertains to the good old USA!!!
Recently, I have also been invited to speak
at elementary, middle and high schools and
these have always been some of the
greatest events!! I've even been known to
MC a few events too!!
I am just about willing to travel anywhere because the events that I attend
are very important to me and being able to meet new people and say
Thank You to our Veterans is the most meaningful thing that I can do.

Never, ever have I asked any group or person who has invited me to an
event to pay me for speaking.....that is just something that I could not do.  
The only thing that has ever been asked from anyone is that they pay for
the travel and expenses such as gas (if we can travel by car), tolls, airfare
(if we travel by plane), hotels, meals, etc.
Many times the group or people who invited me to their event have
presented me with a donation, which are greatly appreciated.  All
donations that have ever been received have been used to pay for
maintaining my web site, gas and expenses of volunteering at our
Veteran Centers and Hospitals, paying for excess expenses that we may
have traveling to events. Never, ever has any donation been used for my
own personal gain!!!

If you would like to consider me for your event please email me at:
I would be honored to attend your event if I am able.  I could never
explain how important these events are to me and how much they help
me learn to build a better world!!

I hope to hear from you and again, I thank you for thinking about me!!!