Florida Vietnam
and All Veterans

Melbourne, FL
April 2007
For the second year, I was invited back to the Florida Vietnam and All
Veterans reunion in Melbourne, FL and this is probably one of the
greatest events that I have attended!! It is just awesome and even beyond
words!! I will put the links to the reunion after my pics, for anyone that
would be interested in attending!! I'm sure you will enjoy being there as
much as I did!! This year, we drove down so that my family could come with
me. I was really glad that they were able to experience this reunion with
me! It really is one of the greatest Veteran events!
This is me, my brother
Nicholas and my sister
Natalie at Joker Joe's in
South Carolina on the drive
down to the reunion!!
This is me and Jake!!! He is the absolute greatest!!! If all of you think I was
patriotic at 11, well you should see him at 4!! By the time he is 11 he will be
running the country probably better than those who are running the
country!! The best is following him around while he tells everyone
"Welcome Home"!! He will always be one of my favorite little guys!!
Natalie and Jake, she
loves him almost as
much as I do!!
Me and Natalie
taking Jake tell all
the Veterans
Welcome Home!!
This is me with Kim and
Tom Burton, my hostess
and host at the reunion!!
They have always been
so great to me and they
are two people that I am
very honored to know!!
And of course they are
Jake's grandparents!!!