Florida Vietnam
and All Veterans

Melbourne, FL
April 2006
I was invited to the Florida Vietnam and All Veterans reunion in
Melbourne, FL and this is probably one of the greatest events that I have
attended!! It is just awesome and even beyond words!! I will put the links
to the reunion after my pics, for anyone that would be interested in
attending!! I'm sure you will enjoy being there as much as I did!!
This is Jake and he is the
greatest little guy I
know!!! Besides for
meeting our Veterans, he
was the highlight of the
reunion!! Especially him
telling everyone
"Welcome Home"!
Jake was making me
laugh about something!!
Me and Jake!
Me at Wickham
All of us with Jake!!
And this is me with
Kim and Tom
Burton, my hostess
and host for the
reunion!! They are
the greatest!!
Me and Kim!!