This is my friend, "Doc". He's made some beautiful awards
and graphics for me...
On February 9, 2000 I received the highest honor that I could ever receive in my life.
I became an Honorary Veteran! This doesn't mean that I've served our country, or even
sacrificed for our freedom.  It means that I've honored our Veterans and I know they
appreciate what I have done for them!!! Please click my Honorary Veteran graphic to see
the most beautiful web site I have ever seen!!!  I will be here for as long as it takes,
because this is what I owe you!! This is my way to thank you!!
This graphic and this site were done by my special friend Doc, way back in 1999!
As you go through my pages you will find quite a few links to his site. Stop by Doc's place
(, I know you will enjoy it.  THANKS DOC, this graphic is still one of
my favorites! Click the graphic above to go to the beautiful page on Doc's web site that he
did about me!!!  Hope you visit Doc's tribute to me, it's great!!!!!!!
Doc also made this awesome "Future President" graphic for me!
Visit "Doc's" site!
Just click on the banner...
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And he made my collage for me too, which I used for the header on my old site!!